Your key to Freedom is a meditation away

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In the following post we will start answering the big question - what is the purpose of meditation?

Our mind is managing our thoughts patterns, we control our way of thinking but unfortunately do not have a complete control.

When we start meditating, we usually face difficulties with controlling our mind / brain / thoughts.

The purpose of meditation is to go through a process of taking control yet doing so with patient and with being there at an observation mode.

Many times, we feel stressed, angry, frustrated, and other negative feelings without clear awareness about the causes for these feelings.

Through meditations we are gradually becoming more aware of our thoughts which create feelings which create behaviors which attract reactions which end up with justifications to the way we initially thought about ourselves and also about others and our world.

For example – through past experiences in which friends disappointed us, we decided that friends are eventually not true friends, just thinking about it shrinks our heart and closes it to others, so we act in a way which we think can protect us from being hurt by friends, our friends usually feel this energy from our side and they react in a way that confirms our initial thoughts / beliefs that there is no such thing as a true friend, this belief is being installed deeper in our mind and here we are letting our past managing our future and expecting our future to look different.

Meditation is our break room in which we sit only with ourselves and at first just listen to our patterns, to discover our true self.

The good news is that we do not have to travel far to find ourselves, we can disconnect any place, any time and reconnect with ourselves being back again through meditations.

During meditation one learns itself, reveals which thoughts irritates him and which thoughts are responsible to his unwanted feelings and behaviors.

Once one is aware of these thoughts, he receive the keys to freedom and is able to develop wisdom intuition.

The goal is controlling our mind, how long till it will be possible? It depends on the dedication ones puts in it. Once meditation is practiced with full attention and willingness you will learn yourself and will be able to control your mind. Just like learning a new language – repetition and dedication are the keys to your success.

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