How to stop your negative thoughts

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Negative thoughts have a bad influence on our Limbic brain, our Limbic brain.

Our Limbic brain sets our emotional tone of mind, this specific area in the brain also tag events in our life as good or bad, after filtering each event. If an event is considered important the limbic brain will store it, will have an effect on our motivation to do things, our eating and sleeping habits, relationships with others, our senses (especially smell).

Each thought in our mind releases chemicals to our body. these chemicals are released via an electrical signal which brings our thoughts to our awareness, that way these thoughts are affecting your feelings and way of being. It works as the following – negative thoughts release negative chemicals, these chemicals will activate your limbic system and influence your feelings which will influence on your behaviour and way of being. On the other hand, positive thoughts will release positive chemicals and make you feel good.
Thoughts create our life. If you wish to have good life, start paying attention to your thoughts habits and know that THOUGHTS ARE NOT REALITY! but they create our reality…. so be careful and aware.

First thing is observation. to become aware of your thoughts pattern, once you are aware and able to convert each negative thought to a positive one you are back in control!

The ability to convert negative thought to a positive one is a critical skill, because these negative thoughts tend to multiple themselves and control your day.

A technique for observation is writing down your thoughts after meditation, mornings, middays and evenings, not a long brief of them just listing the thoughts which pop up during your days.

To help you with observation of negative thoughts here is a list of common negative thoughts.

Negative / Positive focus – Let’s say for example that you published a new post on social media, this post got 100 good comments and 5 negative ones. will you give your attention to the positive or negative ones? will you feel disturbed by the negative comments, or will you feel blessed by these 100 positive ones? What would you recommend your loved ones to do? Do you love yourself enough to give yourself the same recommendation? Healthy mind starts with positive thinking

[Black / White] [Bad / Good] thoughts – not allowing anything come in the middle. If you fail once you can look at it as a total failure or another lesson for you to learn towards your success!

Negative predictions – when you are sure the outcome will be the worse case scenario, when you look for bad signs for bad future and you let these signs determine your bad future!

“I know what you’re thinking” mode – this is a main cause for relationships problems, whenever you find yourself thinking “He doesn’t like me”, “They hate my type of people”, “She speaks behind my back”. Stop yourself and put yourself in order – you are not a mind reader.

Always thoughts – “He always doesn’t respect my feelings” / “She always make me feel worthless”, … Think about it. Is it always true? ALWAYS REALLY? usually the answer is NO. Just thinking these always negative thoughts automatically arises bad feelings.

Always thoughts are reflected with the words – always, every-time, never, nothing, never, everything, everyone, no one.

We usually tag realities this way, which makes us feel bad, it’s critical to notice this type of thinking and convert it to growth thinking.

Tagging people – whether it’s yourself or someone else, it has a bad impact when you tag someone as negative. When you create these negative tags on someone you put a high wall between you and them and put obstacles on your relationship, with others and with yourself!

Feelings effect – thoughts create feelings and feelings create other thoughts. Sometimes we are unaware of our unconsciouses thoughts, something happens in our outside world which awakens old memories which we are not even aware of and we recognise some kind of a feeling which

Someone to blame – Either yourself or others, avoid these type of thoughts. when you are feeling guilt because of something you should not have done, avoid thinking you must do things. convert these type of thinking as follow: “I must eat healthy” to “it’s my best interest to be aware of what kind of food I eat”.

When you blame others on results in your personal life you are not taking responsibility on your life and put yourself as a victim. Victims will forever stay victims, is it your wishful thinking?

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