Meditation FAQ

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Many relevant questions rise up in the process of learning how to meditate, we will summarise the FAQ here in the next page and make sure each topic will be covered properly for those of you who would like to take it further!

What is meditation?

Form of a prayer for you to reflect your wishes, also a mean to release stress.

The best advice we can give you is to experience meditation and decide what is it for you.

Which posture is the best? Sitting / Lying down / Walking?

Meditation of any kind is effective. Relax, avoid distractions. experience it!

Each of these 3 options is good as long as you keep your spine straight.

The most recommended is the sitting position, when performing standing meditation or walking meditation your attention is usually distracted, while during sitting meditation you will be active but also focused.

What is Monkey mind?

The biggest challenge we face during meditation is our MONKEY MIND, monkey mind is a situation in which our mind wanders, mind chatter, one of the purposes of meditation is to have a blank mind, Monkey mind is also called DMN – default mode network, which is active when our brains are wandering from one thought to another thought. We can quiet the monkey mind through 2 types of meditations – Focused Attention meditation (FA) and Open Monitoring meditation (OM).

What and How is Breathing meditation?

Breathing Meditation is a simple yet a very effective meditation. Practiced by monks and even the great Budha!

This meditation is categorised as FA (Focused Attention) Meditation.

Breath in and out. Relax and focus on your breath in and out.

Be one with your breath, your breath is the cycle of your life, relax and let go.

This meditation is extremely powerful as it involves all 7 chakras.

Common mistakes – Avoid distractions (Monkey Mind) still the mind, keep any distraction away, don’t force anything. Relaxed and let it be with your breath.

How to handle distractions?

Ignore the distractions, None judgemental mind.

Noticeand have a look at your distractions till the distraction will fade away.

Monkey mind during meditation is natural, During meditation start doing by being in the present moment – Just be.

Any need to analyse keep till after meditation. Remember that your energy follows your thoughts.

How frequently should I meditate?

Experience daily meditation for best effect.

Meditation liberates more times than it uses when done properly!

Allocate time for it – Plan to do it daily.

You need to practice otherwise it will be only a theory for you.

Life can be busy, you might miss a day or two. Surly you can find time to make up on the lost practices.

When is it the best time to meditate?

Times- Morning/Evening- Entirely up to you.

It is known that in the morning and just before we go to sleep our brain’s chemistry is in its’ best to enable us to flow into Alpha and Theta brain waves which are the required brain waves for us to access our subconscious and reprogram it.

How long should I meditate?

That depends on the purpose of your meditation.

Subconscious mind reprogramming meditation which includes preparation will generally be 40-50 minutes long.

You can also allocate a 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation for you to balance your emotions and your breath to become calmer and in control of your thinking.

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