Mindfulness self compassion workbook

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Now you can enjoy free mindfulness workbook for free, NLP techniques also included! download pdf and print. Live the best life you deserve it!
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self compassion workbook

The best time to live is now

YOU are your best investment.

Live the best life you deserve it!



We move with our life and find ourselves reproducing the same results every year, usually we put the responsibility on faith and external forces.
Time to observe, recognise, be aware, have a deep
conversation with that smart voice within ourselves, our mind, that constant talk inside our head which manages our life so professionally and enables our auto pilot to be on 90% of our time….
Following you will find a scaling circle for you to score each area of your life from 1 till 10, while 1 means that you are totally not pleased and 10 – you feel 100% pleased!
By scaling each area of your life you will be able to approach each aspect and set goals for the upcoming year. These goals will be based on your personal ranking.
Keep your current ranking for future reference to followup your growth!
Next time to approach it will be in 3 months to followup your
actions, your satisfaction and your personal goals achievements.


Love is the essence of life, it’s what we are made of.
It’s the bridge between you and everything
Love yourself, Live the life you deserve.

Write a letter to your future self 10 years from now, How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Imagine your birthday party 10 years from now, Imagine yourself feeling amazing, fully satisfied! describe what made you feel this way?


Feeling Good
“What is truly of value in life, what gives meaning to our life, the
purpose of our life needs to be positive based on warmth,
kindness, compassion.
`then our life become more peaceful.”

What truly brings happiness to your life?

Reflect on that.

Set your priorities based on that.

Take positive actions based on that.

Chunk it down to action items which will build your happier self.

Do you believe you deserve peace and serenity in your life?

“I deserve inner peace and I accept it now” use this affirmation

while looking at the mirror and also during meditations.


“Learning to love yourself it’s the greatest love of all ”the greatest love of all – Ehitney Houston
Love surrounds me. I am loving, loveable and loved
There is a stream of LOVE supporting my dreams
The moment I realign with LOVE, clear direction is presented to me
Mirror work is a way for you to reflect the feelings you have about yourself.
Look at the mirror, at your own eyes, say something positive about yourself
Write down positive affirmations which connect with your current needs,
Write down your feelings after the mirror exrecise, how did it make you
feel about yourself. what worked well and do you wish to feel more of?

My Goals / Thoughts / Plans for the next 3 months


Monthly Plan
My goals for this month:

Improvement I wish for:

Make a plan, make it happen, Plan the life which you deserve!

Universal Compassion
“Compassion can be roughly defined in terms of state of mind
that is nonviolent, non harming and nonaggressive. It is a mental
attitude based on the wish for others to be free of their
suffering and is associated with a sense of commitment,
responsibility and respect towards others”
Genuine compassion is based on the rationale that all human
beings have an innate desire to be happy and overcome
suffering, just like you…
Once you recognize that, you are more able to develop a sense
of closeness with others.
You can feel compassion towards any person, whether he is
your friend or even the biggest enemy.
Researches show that developing compassion and altruism has
a significant positive influence on one’s physical and emotional
Studies show that reaching out to help others can induce
happiness feelings, reduce depression and stress.


Morning routine

Today’s positive affirmations
Today’s personal goal
Today I am grateful for:
How will I make today AWESOME !
Mindfulness Exercise
Close your eyes for 30 seconds and do nothing., after 30 seconds focus
on you breath for 2 minutes, what came up during this time? write it out 🙂

Evening routine
I listen with love to my body’s messages…
This went well today:
This made me happy today:
Today I am proud of:
My thoughts regarding today..
Close your day with a mindfulness meditation
Lie on your back, legs extended and arms at your sides, palms facing up.
Focus on your body parts, start with your toes till you reach your head,
stay aware of what you are feeling and sensing.

Scan and enjoy Mindfulness Meditations

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