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Positive surrounding

List the top ten people which you mostly spend your time with. Do they support you? do they believe in you? Negative people are considered as blockers, they will kill your dreams before these will ever have the chance to be born..

Surround yourself with people who can help you increase your self esteem, those who will push you to believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

We are all energies transmitters, our moods and thoughts can have an effect on the brain’s of the people who surround us.

Sometimes it’s difficult to recognise the Negative influencers.. there is a simple test which is easy to conduct, examine your feelings after you meet this person or after you speak with that person, if you feel good about yourself then you probably got a positive boost, if you feel bad then you need to ask yourself, is it usually happens when you interact with this person? If the answer is yes, avoid interactions with this person, not because you are blaming him for something, but because you are choosing the right surrounding which will support your Limbic brain.

Following are tips on how to build healthy relationships:

Invest in your relationships, don’t take things for granted, give the attention, the right words at the right time, be involved and caring.

Help your family and friends feel good about themselves, be a positive influencer on their life.

Don’t blame others, take control on your issues and problems and do not assume you know what other people are thinking…

Protect the privacy o others, do not share their personal issues, avoid speaking about others behind their back. This is bad Karma..

Speak your mind and be open when you facing difficult issues. it is better to discuss and solve problems then feeling that you had given up a part of yourself.

Positive Parenting

If you are a parent, you have a significant role, you can influence the health of the limbic systems of your kids.

Researched proved that Limbic bonding between children and their parents is important for their development. Spending one-on-one time with your kids will make them feel important and support their self esteem.

Following are tips on how to build Limbic bonding with your kids:

Allocate 15-30 minutes per day for a special activity with your kid. it’s important to find something that is related to your kids interests. Spend positive time with them to support the limbic bonding.

The purpose of this time is to build a good relationships, focus on the good to help your kid shape his behaviour.

Encourage your kid to speak, give him the ability to express himself.

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