Self-esteem meditation

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Having a strong and high self confidence and self-esteem is critical for one to be able to feel satisfied and to achieve goals.

We communicate with ourselves and others through unconsciousness minds, no need to say anything and the person feels your energy.

Self confidence is built through life experiences in action, once you experience success with achieving something you gain self-confidence for that specific area of achievement.

If you experienced failure, then you will have lower self-confidence related to things that are related to this specific incident.

Self-esteem and self-value is a reflection of the way you see yourself, how you internally value yourself related to the world you live in. your self esteem is responsible on the way you approach yourself, others and the entire world.

People with high self esteem are less dependent on the environment to support their personal self-esteem.

Self-confidence and self-esteem are 2 different things which are connected to each other.

Both are based on the beliefs which a person holds about himself.

If a person experiences successes more often in his life, these experiences will build his self-confidence and his self-esteem as well.

During the meditation we will connect you to past events in your life in which you experienced successes, you will be surprised how many if them you took for granted but are considered huge successes to others who look at you!

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Breath in and breath out.

Count 10 long breathes.

Imagine yourself floating quietly in the air and getting higher and higher above yourself, to a point in which you can have a look at your present self, your past self and your future self.

From what you experienced so far in your life so far, what is the actual feeling of self-confidence?

Take 1 minute for thinking about what is the actual feeling of self-confidence?

Do you know people with high self-confidence? What made you decide that this person has high self-confidence?

Think of one of them for 2 minutes.

What are the top important habits of this person? What does he usually do?

Look at your past self for few minutes.

Look at your childhood, do remember yourself as a kid? How was it being a kid? What mainly do you remember about yourself? Think about your younger self for few minutes.

If you were able to approach yourself when you were younger, what would you say to the younger version of yourself? What is possible for that kid in the future?

Give that kid some kind words about his abilities and strength, support this sweet kid and give him the kind words which he/she deserves! Help your kid self be more confidence and optimistic about his/her future.

Let’s move back to the present moment and take few breathes before we have a look back again at your past self.

What is your last memory in which you felt high self-confident?

In which areas in your life, you felt and feel high confidence?

Who is the most significant person in your life who contributed to strengthening your self-esteem?

What exactly this person said which made you feel strong and confidence?

If this person would have met you today, if this person could approach you today, what would that person tell you about yourself? What could she remind you?

What are your top achievements in life?

What is that specific thing that when you do it, you love yourself more?

What is that little thing which you can start doing this week which will make you feel more in control of your life?

How will it make you feel after it will become a habit for the next months?

What is it that you now understand better about yourself?

Let’s speak with your future self now!

See yourself in your future, 2 years from today, what can you tell present self?

Imagine your ideal self, who are you there? What are you doing? How do you speak? Look? How do you feel as your future self? Imagine it and feel it with whole your heart.

Let this feeling of your future self-become real and let yourself feel it.

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