The logic behind Meditation

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It’s that one place that each of us possess and have control of. within us. Personal space which is the doorway towards our subconscious mind.

As kids we come in peace with our selves and others, as we grow older we digest information from our environment and build our beliefs tree based on our experience in life.

Our experience in life is based on our parents’ experience and other life influencers.

During our childhood we are a pure sponge we collect data and store it in our subconscious mind, most of this data was collected without logical filtering and was absorbed as reality, facts of life.

As we grow old 2 things occur, the first is that we install everything which we experienced as the way things are and the way we are, the other thing that occur is that there is a voice within us that asks for a way out of these patterns which take us to the same place each time.

At that moment when you had enough and you ask for a break, pause, to retreat and to fix things from inside, this is the moment when you visit that spacious place inside yourself that will connect you with the most important thing you have, that thing that you came to the world with it and you will leave the world with it.

Your soul.

Through meditations we can program our mind, we can connect with our soul and other souls and just be what we wish to be and create the life which will give us peace and quiet.

Our thoughts become the internal talk which eventually is a built in life guide, this life guide can be very helpful as it helps us become much more effective with our decisions making and with doing operational tasks.

The point when it is less effective is when we reach a point in which we would like to experience other things in our lives and change our reality.

During our routinely life we move from task to task and rarely take time to analyze our thoughts patterns which lead our life to where they are at the present time.

Usually, our past is managing our thoughts, we base our behaviors on our thoughts.

It’s clear to see the pattern – our past is managing out future.

Meditation time is a general definition of taking pause.

As logical persons it’s logical to ask, ok, I am pausing, how can it help me.

So meditation is a time off for yourself, there are different types of meditations, each one has its’ own purpose or way to reach same purpose in a different way.

We will use meditations as breakrooms, in each break room we will work on different aspect, each aspect is a part of effective meditation process.

If you find it interesting you are welcome to explore for yourself and start a new life journey in which you will discover more about yourself and will discover your talents and tools to show your talents and make your dreams come true!

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