Self Evaluation for setting personal goals

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We move on with our life and find ourselves reproducing the same results every year, usually we put the responsibility on faith and external forces.

Time is always a point of view of a person, we view time as limited source which should be managed well, is it true or not? depends who you ask, Albert Einstein would probably have had an interesting answer for this question but we will leave it to another time;)

For growth to occur we better firstly be aware of our point of view, the end of the year is a good time for doing that.

Time to observe, recognise, be aware, have a deep conversation with that smart voice within ourselves, our mind, that constant talk inside our head which manages our life so professionally and enables our auto pilot to be on 90% of our time….

Following you will find a scaling circle for you to score each area of your life from 1 till 10, while 1 you are totally not pleased and 10 – you feel 100% pleased.

By scaling each area of your life you will be able to approach each aspect and set goals for the upcoming year. These goals will be based on your personal ranking.

Keep your current ranking for future review, Next time to approach it will be in April to followup your actions, your satisfaction and your personal goals acheivements.

Let’s start with evaluation

Mapping each aspect of our life is good for self awareness, it should be important to understand that it’s individual point of view. Let’s say that for someone who decided to become a monk personal relationship could be 10, as for him he is satisfied with the situation, it’s kind of a personal survey of how you see each aspect of your life and with that to understand the personal chat inside your head which criticise your daily actions and influences your feelings.

After filling your personal point of view per criteria of your life you can observe which areas you wish to develop in your life and with which you are quite happy.

From this survey we will take it forward to identifying personal goals which will relate to specific areas in life which we feel that require our attentioin.

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